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I have a number of Open Source software projects that I have published.    I have links to them here.  If a link is broken (doesn’t go anywhere) then the project is probably offline.

Keep in mind that I develop these projects under open source, which means you are free to download and use them, but I make a some of my living supporting people who use the software, so don’t expect free help with using this software.


DVDVault Optical Archival Software


MCLIB—Windows Medium Changer Software (runs tape and optical libraries)

DMAPI interface for DVDVault—software to get a JFS file system to migration to the DVDVault Optical Archive


NAGIOS plug-in for SANtricity software—SANtricity is the Engenio (formerly LSI Logic) RAID Management software that is use by SUN, IBM, SGI and some HP RAID systems.

NAGIOS plug-in for Xyratex 4200R—Xyratex has a probe-able MIB that is undocumented.  I wrote this plug-in to try and pull out certain info I found by reverse-engineering the MIB with snmpwalk.  This is a compressed tarfile (tgz).  These files usually go into /usr/lib/nagios/plugins


Other Projects and professional activities I particpate in:

Lawrence Berkeley National Labs NERSC—I work the staff here at times on the storage system in the HPSS (archive) system

Lawrence Livermore National Labs—I work with the staff here on various environmental and engineering programs

FBI Fingerprint Center—Have worked various projects here over the past 8 years, all storage related.

Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions—I work with the LMCO folks in Orlando on the FlyClear program and other progams





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